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Pulpectomy in Children:

When the nerve or pulp tissue of a primary or permanent tooth is infected, it needs to be treated to prevent a dental abscess and loss of the tooth. The two methods of treating infected dental nerve tissue are the pulpotomy and pulpectomy.  The ultimate objective of these procedures is to save the tooth, so that it will maintain the integrity and function of the dental arch.

Pulpotomy for Primary Teeth:

The surgical removal of the entire coronal pulp, leaving intact the vital radicular pulp within the canals.

Treatment Objectives for the Pulpotomy:

  • Amputate the infected coronal pulp.
  • Neutralize any residual infections process.
  • Preserve the vitality of the radicular pulp.

Pulpectomy for Primary Teeth:

A nonvital technique. The removal of necrotic pulp tissue followed by filling the root canals with resorbable cement.

Treatment Objectives for Primary Tooth Pulpectomy:

  • Maintain the tooth free of infection.
  • Biomechanically cleanse and obturate the tooth canals.
  • Promote physiologic root resorption, and
  • Hold the space for the erupting permanent tooth.
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