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Dental Assistants

Riverdale Pediatric Dentistry has specifically trained their dental assistants to provide personalized care for your child. Our dental assistants explain the treatment in words just right for the child's age and level of understanding, show the child the treatment in a simplified manner, and then perform the treatment. We praise the child for any assistance during their treatment. We also give the child help through oral hygiene instruction to keep teeth healthy. We are here to make your visit exceptional.

MandyClinical Coordinator

AmandaLicensed Dental Assistant

AleshiaLicensed Dental Assistant

AsiaLicensed Dental Assistant

BaraLicensed Dental Assistant

BridgetLicensed Dental Assistant

BrittaniLicensed Dental Assistant

BrookeLicensed Dental Assistant

JennyLicensed Dental Assistant

KatieLicensed Dental Assistant

KatieLicensed Dental Assistant

LauraLicensed Dental Assistant

LisaLicensed Dental Assistant

LucieLicensed Dental Assistant

MarcelaLicensed Dental Assistant

RachelLicensed Dental Assistant

RachelLicensed Dental Assistant

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