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Crown Options

All White Crown Zirconium

Kinder Krowns and EZ-Pedo offer the most natural shades and contour available for the pediatric patient. The great depth and vitality from the lifelike composite reveal a natural smile without the bulky "Chicklet" look of other restorations.

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Stainless Steel Crowns

Crowns on primary (baby) teeth are typically made of stainless steel (for strength) and are silver in color. Stainless Steel Crowns:

Stainless steel crowns are placed on primary teeth to protect, seal and strengthen a tooth:

  • After a pulpotomy has been performed
  • After large decay has been removed
  • To correct a malformed tooth
  • To preserve a tooth with severe attrition

Stainless steel crowns are considered a good temporary restoration to save the primary tooth until the permanent tooth can erupt and take its space; keeping the primary tooth, if at all possible, is very important.

A primary tooth can be restored with a stainless steel crown during one appointment. The decay is removed, the tooth is shaped for a crown, then the crown is cemented. A crowned tooth must be brushed and flossed just like other teeth.

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